Wishfoal Sport Horses



Breeding brought much joy and much sorrow. There were some very unique colored Canadian Sport Horses and other breeds. Always breeding and buying with eye on finding flashy and very noticeable foals, but this is the past other then the semen from Finn. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am going back to riding and enjoying the horse as a companion. Visit my paint mare Heidi and see my new ride :)

Wishart (aka Finn MacCool), had been shown by "Rebecca Lee" from "Bon Accord, Alberta" in "Three Day Eventing" and have just made the step into "Jumpers", with a start at Spruce Meadows and then to the HITS.

One of the highlights of the 2007 season was the win at the premier event Rebecca Farms in Montana, in the Preliminary Horse Trails division.

Rebecca Lee at Rocking Horse Event III

Wishart (aka Finn MacCool) has been bred for good looks, temperament, talent and soundness. Wishart will refine heavier warmbloods, at the same time will add substance to a TB type. See his page for "limited semen".

Wishart (aka Finn MacCool) is the winner of the 2007
"CSHA of the Year - Top Sport Horse Award in Alberta Eventing.

Today you may find Wishart cutting cattle... Yup! a warmblood that loves to play with the cows as much as he loves the cross country course.


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